What is ARtend?

ARtend is solution we developed to track universities classrooms attendance. 

Students would login into the app through the university authentication system.

The app will access the phone camera and recognize the classroom and the seat they are taking.

Attendance tracking is required for those classes where students presence must be checked.

Integration with scheduling systems

ARtend will integrate with existing scheduling software, to be able to record students attendance in an organized way within the database.

Hybrid classrooms experience

In hybrid classes, some students are physically present, while others are attending remotely.

Thanks to the Hybrid feature these two different layers can be overlaid. A professor wearing AR glasses could see students attending remotely as if they were present in the room.

Remote students can interact and see the seating arrangement in real time, ultimately feeling more involved in the learning experience.

Simple installation

Other attendance tracking systems are based on expensive hardware or on systems prone to elusion. 

Installation consists just of scanning a room with a phone to create a 3D model of it. There are no more steps.

Students will open the app and take a picture of the room.

Their presence and location will be instantly logged.