BakARy is a service targeted at patisseries,bakeries and other pastry shops. It helps your customers visualize your pastries using augmented reality. Users can infer easily the size of the pastry and choose what they really want to consume.

Digitization of your pastries

We will come to your shop, take pictures of the different items from multiple angles. We will bring the pictures back home and create a good looking and appetizing 3D model of it. 

Augmented Reality visualization on site

We will place a QR code on each one of your tables. Customers on site can scan it and magically see the items appear in real size  on top on the QR code, as if they were there. They can also select which item to display.

3D model visualization on the website

If you have an e-commerce, we can embed the 3D models on the products web page, to allow customers interact, rotate and resize the item before purchasing it.


Currently tested with Olsen Bakery. Visit their Instagram page.


Among the users who tested the tool so far, they all reported that they were more likely to purchase the items when viewing it in Augmented reality, as they became curious to try their taste