What is WayFinding?

WayFinding is a navigation solution for shopping malls, helping visitors going where they want fast.

WayFinding installation at ESSEC Business School

A POC has been installed at ESSEC Business School. Students will find 9 QR codes (at the entrance of the building and next to the elevators).

That will help them easily locate classrooms and other building destinations.

How does it work?

1. QR code

We install QR codes decals on the floor of your mall at some specific locations

2. Scan

Shoppers point their phone at the QR codes

3. Go there

An arrow in Augmented Reality will show visitors where to go, based on the shop they select

Benefits ?

More sales

Visitors don't leave when they don't find a place

Attracts customers

New visitors may come if they know WayFinding is available

More time

They shop faster, so more time for other purchases

Data report

We provide you traffic analysis report, to better price property

Customer experience

Visitors are curious to try innovative technology

Why to choose WayFinding ?


Made of paper

Easy installation

Just stick it


Takes <10 seconds to open once scanned;

Easy to use

No need for spatial skills, just follow the arrow